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"One More Good Player" needed for title, says Mikhail Prokhorov, adding "We are not underdogs" this year

One more player, but who?


Before he left Moscow last week (and slipped into his all-black outfit Saturday), he spoke with Bloomberg News about the Nets prospects ... as they move toward his twin goals for 2015: a championship and a billion dollar valuation for his investment in the team and Barclays Center.

Prokhorov told Bloomberg the team needs "only two things" to reach the level of the defending-champion Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder, who met in the NBA Finals last season.

"One more good player, and we need time to make a really strong team," Prokhorov said. He pointedly did not dismiss the team's chances this season, noting ""every team have a chance ... If we have a great team spirit, great passion, we can beat anyone in the league," he said. "We are not underdogs, that’s for sure."

Of course, as beat writers point out, that is easier said than done.