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Joakim Noah will play in Game 2, expected to be limited


Joakim Noah, who is struggling with plantar fasciitis, played just 13 minutes in Chicago's Game 1 loss to the Nets on Saturday night, but according to Noah, he is expected to play tonight in Game 2, however, he will be limited.

According to Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau, he and the trainers have yet to determine a minutes limit for Noah, but one is certainly expected.

The Bulls are in a tough spot with Noah, as they know how important he is to them advancing in the playoffs -- especially after their blowout loss in Game 1 -- but they also can't "mortgage the future" chasing a round one playoff win.

From K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

Nazr Mohammed only played six minutes in Game 1 and could play more. Taj Gibson, who battled foul trouble and a size disadvantage against All-Star Brook Lopez, said the left knee that had a sprained MCL which sidelined him for 17 games down the stretch is improving.

"I think we’re a team with great character," Noah said. "Every time we hit adversity, we’ve responded pretty well. Tonight is probably the biggest test of the year. So it’s exciting."

Yes, it's exciting for sure, but it's hard to imagine the Bulls will push Noah much more than what the staff -- and not Noah himself -- deem reasonable.