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For P.J. Carlesimo, Brooklyn Nets "audition" continues


Before Friday's game, Dave D'Alessandro, late of the Nets beat but always an interesting read, wrote about the job P.J. Carlesimo has done as interim coach, a job that he's done with little fanfare and less job security.

The Nets finished with the No. 4 seed, despite the fact that their franchise player was a lardbody with a bad wheel until the break, their $20 million shooting guard had his worst season in a decade, and their $10 million small forward has a 39 percent stroke that makes spectators shield their children’s eyes.

Maybe a little harsh, but fairly accurate (and at least he didn't renew his memorable description of said franchise player --"one evening gown shy of a diva.") Still, Dave D's point, which he hammers at, is that Carlesimo, with his blue-collar sensibilities, player loyalty and best start ever for a Nets coach, deserves more from Moscow.

D'Alessandro also talks about how Carlesimo, who's been an assistant on an Olympic gold medal team and three NBA championships, knows about winning cultures. But he notes, the Nets want something "'splashy' — a word that makes thoughtful basketball people gag."

Opinion is divided on the job Carlesimo has done, but with every win in the playoffs, D'Alessandro's argument will be repeated.