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P.J. Carlesimo: "We’re as healthy as we’ve been all year"

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets injury report, handed out to the media on Saturday afternoon, was blank. No "out," "doubtful," day-to-day" or "questionable" marred its beauty. As P.J. Carlesimo said, ""We’re as healthy as we’ve been all year, which is a good." And as Stefan Bondy wrote, it's "a credit to veteran trainer Timmy Walsh."

The other side of the match-up is not so lucky. Derrick Rose is out and Joakim Noah is doubtful for at least the first game and quite possibly the whole series. Bondy notes that while the Nets rested Joe Johnson and his foot issue, the Bulls tried to work Noah into the lineup. "I played in games I probably shouldn’t have," Noah admitted Friday. Fans may be frustrated by "day-to-day" lasting more than a week, but such conservatism pays off.

And yet, the Nets injury report doesn't get them respect. Pundits seem to focus on the April 4 meeting between the two clubs. "As good a year as we had, we’re still fighting for more respect. And more respect will come from advancing," Carlesimo said.