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Tyshawn Taylor talks family and how he's "already won"

In her most affecting interview in the "In Bounds" series, Alyonka Larionov talks to Tyshawn Taylor mostly about his family and how although he was "born to lose," he's "won already," with his degree from Kansas and NBA career.

Taylor, whose tweets often portray an angry young man, is self-effacing in the interview, telling BCTV's Larionov about life in the projects without a father, but with a strong teenage mother who "was raising me, learning as she goes."

He talks about how his mother lived with him his last three years in Lawrence, KS, preparing home cooked meals and cleaning his room, but also embarrassing him on occasion and how she cried at his high school and college graduations and at his first game as a Net.

Taylor speaks as well as his father, who he knows but has little relationship; his aunts who he "loves to death," and his little sister who shows him "mad love."