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Jerry Stackhouse may be 38 but he says he's ready for playoffs


Jerry Stackhouse has had a pretty good April. In six games, he's averaging 7.0 points, shooting 50 percent from deep and 45.5 percent overall, in 19.2 minutes. On April 12, vs. Indiana, he showed he still has some skills left in his 18th season, scoring 13 points on 4-of-6 shooting.

Now, with the playoffs beginning, Stack has some new credibility. He's played 71 games in the post-season, the most on the team, getting to the Finals once as a Maverick. He hopes to contribute.

"My whole dynamic of how this year unfolded for me could be a blessing in disguise," Stackhouse told Josh Newman of SNY. "I got off to the good start and I gave myself confidence that I could still come out and perform, but at the same time, realizing we had a good team and we could pick our spots with it. If I would’ve played for those two months in the middle of the season, I don’t know how I’d feel right now."

It's not just about elongating his career, he says. "I love basketball," he told the Wall Street Journal. "Sure, the lifestyle is great. But, really, it's about the competition. About knowing you're one of the 400 best in the world, and that you can hold on and survive and fight through."

"I know I don't have too much time left," he says. "But I'm still hanging around, still competing for something big. In this game and this league, anything can happen."