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In Videos, Brooklyn Nets look forward while thanking fans for support

The Nets will unveil a new, playoff video Saturday during Game 1 of the playoffs, which for now is a state secret. In the meantime, they've posted new videos, one that features thank yous to Nets fans for their support while the other invites fans to join the Brooklyn chant, that is, sign up for season tickets.

In both, team highlights are interspersed with YES sound tracks and in the thank you video, there are short messages from Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace (sounding more like Barry White than usual.) Officials tell NetsDaily that the new video, to be played during introductions, packs an "emotional kick." The team believes "Brooklyn is ready to explode" and they want to help it along.

Meanwhile, BCTV has released a neat video, "A Brooklyn Nets Experience, In Seconds," 92 seconds of scenes around Barclays Center on game night.