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NetsDaily NBA Playoff Fantasy Challenge

Are you the best playoff prognosticator on NetsDaily?


One of the many things I love about the NBA playoffs is's excellent fantasy game "Drive to the Finals".

The premise is:

- You choose one player per day.

- Your score for the day is that player's Points+Assists+Rebounds.

- You can only choose each player ONCE for the duration of the playoffs.

- Selections lock five minutes before tipoff of that player's game.

- If you leave a player in that does not play, you can use him again, but you still get zero points for that day.

So there is some pretty sophisticated strategy involved, as well as rewarding you for predicting which teams will last deep into the playoffs and which will be driving around the Hamptons wondering where it all went wrong.

If you would like to play, just go here and join the league!

League - NetsDaily

Password - tlorenzo

PLEASE include your NetsDaily username somewhere in your entry title so we know who the moiso you are!!

If you want there to be a prize involved, please make a suggestion below.