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Brooklyn Nets record vs. winning clubs ... how big a deal

Nets not the only playoff team with losing record to winning teams

Bruce Bennett

One of the favored rationales for doubt about the Nets playoff possibilities is the team's record against teams above .500. Marc Stein of ESPN regularly mentions it in his power rankings.

To which, we answer, compared to what?

In fact, both teams the Nets could face in the first round have losing records against winning teams. With one game left, here are the records. Of the three, only the Hawks will still face a team above .500 ... the Knicks Wednesday night.

Nets: 14-26

Hawks: 14-25

Bulls: 19-22

Moreover, the Nets record against winning teams in the East is above .500. Here are those numbers...

Heat: 0-3 (all games before All-Star break)

Pacers: 3-0

Knicks: 2-2

Bulls: 1-2

Hawks: 2-2

Celtics: 3-1

That's 11-10. The Nets are also 2-2 vs. the Bucks, who while in the playoffs have a losing record.

h/t to 3ptChucker and Stenpoint