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"Brooklyn Blackout" plans unveiled

Brooklyn Nets

When the Nets played in their first playoff series in years following the 2001-02 season, the league had to take over the pre-game and half-time festivities. The Nets own promotions were replaced. Not enough hoopla.

No need to worry about that with a Brett Yormark-run promotion and marketing operation.

"When you come in, you are going to feel like there’s truly a ‘Blackout in Brooklyn’ – everything even down to the food and drink," Yormark told the Post. "This is a huge moment for us and the borough, and it’s time to celebrate."

It will be the Nets first post-season experience since 2006-07 and Brooklyn's first since 1956. It seems no expense will be spared.

Here's how Rich Calder describes what Barclays will look like, down to the tickets...

Those heading to rap mogul Jay-Z’s swanky 40/40 Club and other concessions will get to choose from a feast of black-and-white colored pastas, burgers, salads, cotton candy, popcorn, cakes and dozens of other edible items.

Images of Nets' stars in a black-and-white motif will be plastered throughout the arena, and other new team-colored signage will be hung along the windows as well.

Even playoff tickets are being printed in black and white, and only predominately black-colored shirts and merchandise will be sold at the arena during playoff games.

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