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"The Association" Talking Playoffs ... "Blackout in Brooklyn"

Bruce Bennett

The Nets are all but assured of the fourth seed --and homecourt advantage-- in the playoffs, meaning that on April 20 or thereabouts, Barclays Center will host its first playoff game and as the latest episode of the "The Association" shows, the Nets players and front office are preparing for it, in depth.

Beyond players talking about their level of anticipation, there's a front office meeting at MetroTech where Brett Yormark reveals the theme for the team in the playoffs: "Blackout in Brooklyn." Fred Mangione, the team's executive v.p. and chief marketing officer, tells fellow executives, "Even the website, as you see it, will flip into a total black, not black and white, but all black with a 'blackout' theme."

And get ready, word is the Jerry Stackhouse will sing the national anthem before one of the games, as he has in playoffs past. Stack, who leads the Nets in playoff experience with 71 games, admits, "I've been hearing some rumors about it, but I don't know for sure."

One big part of the episode, the last before the playoffs, is a look back at Deron Williams injuries and the treatment that returned him to superstar level in the NBA. (Don't take our word, review last night's game!)

The episode also features a quick look at the Nets cryotherapy chamber. Word is that Reggie Evans loved using the one the Clippers had and recommended the Nets buy one. They bought two. The process is an alternative to cold water immersion or ice packs and Mirza Teletovic highly recommends it.

And if you haven't heard about it, "The Association" reveals the subterfuge Evans and Andray Blatche carry out in pre-game introductions. There's also mini-features on former Bulls and now Nets teammates Keith Bogans and C.J. Watson.