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Bojan Bogdanovic: I want the Nets but I can wait

Bojan Bogdanovic via Facebook

Bojan Bogdanovic hadn't played for three weeks before Monday, out with a sore achilles. He finally got back on the court in a Turkish league game. Although he had trouble with his shot (going 1-of-7 from three), he still went for 15 points, six assists and three rebounds. Fenerbahce lost, however. The bigger news for Nets fans and the front office was that he spoke with a reporter in his native Croatia about his future with the Nets ... if indeed the 31st pick in 2011 Draft has a future with the team. It's all about the money. Crobasket, the Croatian hoops site, provided a translation of the interview to NetsDaily.

"If only I would sign with the Nets!" Bogdanovic told Vecernji, a leading Croatian newspaper. "I still don't know what the Nets want, and even less what would new coach want, if they hire one."

The 6'8" swingman explained his buyout situation and noted that if he has to wait another year until the 2014-15 season, "that will not be too late."

"I have another year of contract left with Fenerbahce, but I have an option to leave for the NBA this summer. The Nets would have to pay 1.5 million (euros or $2 million), though. Considering the fact that the NBA teams are only allowed to pay buyouts up to $500,000, (actually $570,000 this year.) I hope I won't have to pay the difference myself. I will have to do a lot of calculating to see what works for me. Besides, I'm only 23, even if I go to the NBA when I'm 24, that will not be too late."

The "calculating" will, of course, depend on how much he would have to pay --the amount of a buyout can be re-negotiated-- and how much the Nets can pay him. They're basically limited to paying him either the rookie minimum of around $500,000, about a quarter of what he reportedly makes in Europe now, or use the mini-MLE of $3.09 million ... or $10 million over three years.

Bogdanovic, the leading scorer in the Euroleague Round of 16, said he's anxious to see where he would stack up against NBA talent.

"I want to see where I belong next to those players I can only watch on TV. I played against Kevin Durant when I was with the national team, and it looked to me as if it is impossible to guard him."

Bogdanovic also said that if he does sign with the Nets this off-season, it would be difficult for him to play in both the summer league and in the FIBA European championships. While the Orlando Summer League runs for one week in early July and Eurobasket 2013 goes for three weeks starting in early September, national teams begin practice earlier. Mirza Teletovic and Toko Shengelia are expected to compete for Bosnia and Georgia as well this summer.

In Monday's loss, Fener's other Euro-Net, Ilyan Karaman, scored eight points, but the 6'10" power forward didn't snag a single rebound. Karaman is not expected to join the Nets next season.