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Brooklyn Nets emulating Brooklyn Dodgers?


Back in the 1950s, the Dodgers fans lived and died by their team. There was a connection based on the Dodgers commitment to the community. They lived in row houses in the borough and were visible on the street. Times have changed and no Nets have taken up residence in a Brooklyn brownstone but the Nets want to make the connection as well.

On Friday, Brett Yormark officially reopens the new gym at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Clubhouse of the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club. Yormark's foundation, the Yormark Family Foundation, is paying for the renovation but the Nets are all over the gym. It's modeled after the Nets practice court at Barclays Center. We can’t just take for granted that Brooklyn is going to support us just because we wear Brooklyn every night," Yormark told Benjamin Hoffman of the Times. "We’ve got to do things that are significant, that have an impact on the lives of the people that make up Brooklyn.

"We want every kid growing up in Brooklyn thinking about the Brooklyn Nets and being proud of the team."

Brook Lopez and MarShon Brooks will be on hand Friday to reopen the gym.