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Nets lock down the Bobcats in a strong third quarter effort; As told by Mike Dunlap's face

Last night the Nets did a number on the Bobcats in the third quarter, out-scoring them 28-9 in the quarter and turning a 10-point halftime deficit into an eventual blowout 'W.' It was a fantastic 'comeback' for a Nets team that has struggled all season in the third quarter, averaging a league low 21 points in said 'Q.'

For Brooklyn, last night's performance started on the defensive side of the ball, as they held the Bobcats to 3-of-19 shooting. And after the game, Deron Williams lauded his team's effort in the third. specifically on the defensive side of the ball.

It was one of their finest quarters, but we certainly can't 'forget to mention' that it came against a team that has 13 wins on the season -- a team's who final two possessions of the third quarter were a Josh McRoberts 19-foot jumper and Brendan Hayward 15-foot jumper.

Good job, good effort, but...well, Mike Dunlap's face throughout the season tells most of the story.

The Nets need to not rest on this performance, they need to figure out how it is that they are giving up 20-plus turnovers per game (Note: not how to correct it, but how to identify it. It just doesn't seem possible that they can be so careless with the ball.)

Maybe the point being is this: Good job, good effort (y'all battled, et al.), but plenty of corrections still need to be made. Or else, soon, we'll all have a collective Mike Dunlap face.

(Note II: These photos were not all from last night. So...)