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Larry King, Dodger fan, Returns to Brooklyn

Michael Buckner

As a kid, Larry King used to sit in the front row of the bleachers at Ebbets Field, "calling" the game through a rolled up program. It was his first broadcast experience, the beginning of a career that ultimately made his a household name . Of course, the Dodgers left and he was devastated.

Now semi-retired and 79, he and his brother returned to Brooklyn this weekend as Nets fans. Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal went along for the ride. King had done radio spots for the Nets over the summer but this was his first game in Brooklyn since 1957. He paid $3.25 for a good box seat back then. The ticket he used to get into Barclays cost $450.

He liked the experience inside the spaceship arena and liked being back in Brooklyn. He was shown on the Daktronics scoreboard, getting a big roar from the fans. As for the loss to the Mavericks, the Dodger fan was sanguine. "If you're from Brooklyn, you're used to this," he said.