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Brooklyn Nets fill list of "problematic," "disappointing" contracts


Good thing we didn't post this at halftime of the Bobcats game. SB Nation's servers might have crashed.

In an odd bit of coincidence, Hoopshype and Sports Illustrated named their "top 10 disappointments" and "most problematic contracts," respectively. Names familiar to Nets fans dot both lists.

Eddie Johnson, the former forward, puts Joe Johnson at No. 6 and Deron Williams at No. 2 in his list of disappointments.

Of D-Will, Johnson writes...

"It's obvious my fellow Illinois alum is not himself and now we know his ankles are an issue, but that does not spare him from criticism. The Nets gave their organization to Williams and the pressure is on him to live up to expectations. Forty-one percent from the field is not acceptable. If he does not improve, the Nets will be out in the first round."

Mahoney's list is longer and he has Williams, Johnson and Gerald Wallace on the list of "problematic" contracts.

The problem, he writes, is larger than any one contract...

"Brooklyn is already projected to pay the luxury tax for four consecutive seasons beginning with this one, and that’s before factoring in the incoming salary in a potential trade involving Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks and the deals that could be added via the taxpayer mid-level exception. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this team has almost completely capped out, as the mounting salary and acquisition of tough-to-move contracts has left the Nets with precious little mobility."

Let's hope they're both wrong.

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