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Bondy: Kris Humphries told he's 'out of the rotation'


It comes as little surprise, really, but according to Stefan Bondy, Kris Humphries was told this morning that he is "out of the rotation."

With P.J. Carlesimo saying that he's trimming the rotation down to 10 men, it only seemed like a matter of time before Humphries would "officially" get word of his exclusion from the rotation. With Reggie Evans starting and Mirza Teletovic in line for getting more minutes, presumably, Hump simply became the odd man out.

One does wonder, however, how this helps his "stock" this summer as the Nets most certainly will look to move him. It's one thing to try and trade a guy who is playing limited minutes and earning $12 million, while it's another thing for them to move a guy with that kind of price tag playing zero minutes.

Then again, that's a problem for another day. Right now it's on Carlesimo to get this team -- and, more importantly the rotation -- in sorts as they head into the final month-plus of the regular season.