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Detox diet part of Deron Williams rejuvenation

D-Will goes D-Tox


Since the All-Star Break, Deron Williams says he is feeling a lot better. He's undergone plasma replacement procedure that helped Kobe Bryant's knees. He's taken cortisone shots and, he told beat writers Tuesday, he went on a three day, juice detoxification diet over the All-Star break.

What's that? Over three days, you drink six 100 percent organic fresh fruit and vegetable juices in place of meals. Williams used the BlueprintCleanse, writes Brian Lewis of the Post. It's recommended for those who want to lose a few pounds quickly, like brides and apparently point guards.

"He’s really made a strong move addressing diet," interim coach P.J. Carlesimo told the writers. "I remember we were at a dinner the other night and he was drinking that cleanse stuff. He’s lost some weight in the week off, close to a week off. I think it helped him. He looks good. He looks very good."

Williams said it was something you can do only when you have extended time off, not when you're playing two or three games a week.

"It was a three-day cleanse. It was when I got hurt and was sitting out. You can’t really do it in play. It’d be tough to do a cleanse in play. I knew I was taking a break, so I did a three-day cleanse,’’ Williams said. "It definitely helps your energy. It gets a lot of the bad toxins out of your system. That’s the main thing.’

The combination of the PRP, cortisone shots and detox diet have made him feel a lot better and of course, his individual numbers, if not team record, have shown a big improvement. Team insiders say Nets trainer Tim Walsh gets credit for the therapy but that Williams is responsible for the change in diet.