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Jerry Stackhouse rising star in players union


Jerry Stackhouse's days as a rotation player in the NBA may be over but simultaneously with his declining minutes on the Nets, he has become a leading player in the NBPA, the players union.

At the All-Star break, Stackhouse led the criticism of Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher and was elected first vice-president of the union. With Hunter now ousted and Fisher in what is certain to be his last term as president, the 18-year veteran is in line to become the next union president.

In talking with the Post and Brooklyn Fans, Stackhouse has laid out his vision for the union, but understands he must start by cleaning house. The union leadership is under investigation for self-dealing, with Hunter and his family's business with the union under scrutiny.

In speaking about Hunter, Stackhouse said, "We’re basketball players, we’ve trusted people to handle situations for us, and that was abused…Guys are on different teams in different cities, and nobody’s able to be on the day-to-day with the union, and that was taken advantage of."