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Deron Willliams wants to "shut up [Utah Jazz fans] a little"

Quiet time in Salt Lake City?


The last time the Nets played the Jazz in Utah was not long after the lockout ended and the Nets, still in New Jersey, were hurting. They were 3-9 and they got mauled. Coming off a 35-point, 13-assist game over the Suns the night before, Deron Williams was booed every time he touched the ball and finished with 16 points (on 3-of-15 shooting) and only five assists and an equal number of turnovers.

Now, the Jazz are in a big pressure game late in the season. They're tied with the Lakers for eighth place and only a game ahead of the Mavericks, who won earlier Saturday. D-Will's not expecting a better reception, just a better performance. He also wants to "shut 'em up."

"Last time, it was tough," he said. "The boos are tough. When you play somewhere for 5 ½ years and give it your all, it’s tough to get booed. But it is what it is. It’s part of the game. That’s how they feel. It doesn’t bother me. It’ll be great to get a win and shut ‘em up a little bit."

As Stefan Bondy writes, the Nets point guard has been rejuvenated and his team is winning and unlike the Jazz, assured a place in the playoffs.