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Rotation changes are coming for Brooklyn Nets


The Nets are currently in sixth in the East, two games ahead of the seventh place Celtics and three behind the third place Knicks. They've also lost four of their last five, their only win, a four-point victory over the lowly Hornets. They need to do something and soon.

So, expect changes in the rotation. It will be changed. It will be shortened. So says P.J. Carlesimo.

"Are we playing well? No, we've not been playing well," Carlesimo told beat writers after Saturday's loss. "One of the things we've been all year is inconsistent. We haven't stretched together a patch much longer than three, four five games. Probably four, really."

The most likely change is more time for Mirza Teletovic, something ownership and management have "encouraged." While Teletovic has gotten more minutes lately --25 in the last two games-- and has done well enough --14 points in those 25 minutes on 6-of-11 shooting-- he didn't play in either game until late in the third quarter.

The other possibility is that Brook Lopez and Andray Blatche will play together more often, says Carlesimo. But that's something he's toyed with for more than a month and it hasn't happened yet.

As Rod Boone writes, Deron Williams likes the idea, saying players need certainty about their minutes.

"That would be nice. I think everybody would welcome that. It's so guys know when their minutes are going to be there, when they are going in, when they are going out. It's easier to be ready. No matter what, you should be ready to play. We are professionals and when your name is called, you should be ready. But it helps guys mentally."