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Scouting the Sweet 16: a look at who the Nets might take on June 27

Justin Edmonds

It's an occupational hazard for NBA scouts: a lot of their work, their long trips to obscure venues, their scanning of videos can be ruined by March Madness when team decision-makers see someone perform above or below expectations ... and forget their scouts' appraisals.

The Nets try to get around that by putting their decision-makers in the gym along with the scouts or on the scouts' recommendation. But no one will say that a player doing well or poorly in the NCAA doesn't have an effect. It's the Big Dance, high-pressure games that can forecast what a player will do when faced with the stress of the NBA.

Dan Kelly of Brooklyn Fans takes a look at the NCAA weekend games and offers analysis of players whose draft stock currently matches where the Nets are likely to pick on June 2 --, the early to mid-20's. He looks at several players and how they could fit into the Nets offensive and defensive needs. So print this out and put it next to the pizza and the beer.