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Reggie Evans' 'recent turnaround' attributed to an insult from anonymous teammate


Reggie Evans spoke with reporters Thursday about his improved play as of late -- coming off his first career 20-20 game in Portland on Wednesday.

Evans told beat reporters that he can pinpoint one particular moment from earlier in the year that really helped to turn his season around. Specifically, Stefan Bondy wrote...

"I got frustrated one day when one of my teammates told my coach to take me out the game. I bit my tongue. I didn't say nothing to (my teammate)," Evans said.

"But me, knowing me, I usually attack and say something. I bit my tongue. I said, 'Ok.' I said, 'Alright, start being aggressive.' So I took it in a positive way, instead of just doing my normal self, like 'What you say? What you say?"

Whatever works, right?

Evans has been a valuable piece, as we've discussed in great length on this site, and one who is oftentimes the source of many heated debates.

But consider these numbers, as laid out by our friend Devin Kharpertian over at The Brooklyn Game:

If Evans maintains his current rebound rate of 25.9% and gets enough minutes to qualify, it would rank as the 5th-best rebounding season in NBA history and make him the only player ever other than Dennis Rodman to finish a season with a rebound rate over 24.1%. His defensive rebounding rate of 36.1% would rank as the third-best season of all time, again behind only two Dennis Rodman seasons.

Pretty impressive, and certainly worthy of a nod. For all the slack Evans gets for his boneheaded plays or for what little he offers on the offensive side of the ball (rebounding aside, naturally), you can't knock how skilled he is as a rebounder (yes, skilled, not opportunistic) and the value-add he does provide this team.

Rebounds limit and extend possessions, and credit Evans for being the best in the NBA at doing just that for these Brooklyn Nets.