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Brooklyn Nets sport high fashion

We don't think Nets fashion would be featured on the "Style and Travel" page of the Wall Street Journal if they were still at IZOD Center, despite that arena's fashion connection. But now that they are in Brooklyn, they are. After all, New York is the fashion capital of the world, not Paramus.

As part of its "Work Wear" feature, the Journal on Thursday published a photo gallery (and video) of Nets and Barclays Center employees, including Jerry Stackhouse, all dressed up with somewhere to go, Barclays Center.

In addition to Stackhouse, who notes he ALWAYS wears a suit to games, there's Tyler Bates, the arena booking director; Kimberlee Garris, the Nets director of entertainment marketing; Aaron Brown, senior graphic designer; Kari Cohen, the Nets associate counsel; and the two Russian beauties familiar to Nets fans, Alyonka Larionov and Irina Pavlova.

Far be it from us to judge fashion (we're wearing a Kirkland Oxford collar shirt from Costco today), but we do like the looks of Brown and Pavlova. It's the bowtie for him, the boots for her.