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Reggie Evans dominating NBA rebounding numbers

Reggie Evans is league's best pure rebounder.


Reggie Evans CAN rebound. For all his offensive woes, the 6'8", 245 pound power forward is dominating the NBA's rebounding stats, like no other Net in memory.

Evans, as of Wednesday is

--leading the NBA in offensive (15.1), defensive (36) and total (25.9) rebounding percentage, which measures the percent of rebounds a player secures during his time on the court;

--leading the NBA in rebounds per 48 minutes (20.7), defensive rebounds per 48 minutes (14.5) and is second in offensive rebounds per 48 (6.2);

--leading the NBA in 20+ rebound games (6), including three games of 22, 22 and 24 in the last three weeks. Dwight Howard and Tyson Chandler have four each.

Overall, he ranks ninth in rebounding at 10.2 per game, 11th in defensive rebounding (7.1) and 12th in offensive rebounds (3.1) ... in only 23 minutes. For the month of March, he is averaging 14.6 per game ... or 25.8 per 48.