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Barclays Center getting attention for its Smartphone apps

Fast Company is the latest media outlet to take a look at the Nets and Barclays Center's interactive look, apps that provide fans with everything from a way to order food from upper level kiosks to watch the "slam cam," an exclusive view provided by a camera mounted on the backboard.

"We can support five to ten thousand devices inside the venue streaming all at the same time," said Chip Foley, Forest City Ratner's chief technology officer.

And it's not all about the fan experience. It's about adding to the arena's profitability. "An ad can display on every screen in Barclays Center," said Barclays Center app designer Blake Sirach.

"I always go back to thinking about my grandfather. When he was at basketball games, he’d be up in the nosebleed section with his headphones on," added Sirach . "This is the next step in really augmenting that fan experience.

"Its the first time this has been offered in any venue in the world."