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Brooklyn Nets on verge of franchise history


Back in the Jason Kidd era, the Nets were big at home, winning 33 games in each of the two title runs. In neither year did they reach .500 on the road. In fact, the Nets have never had a winning record on the road, never won 21 games. In 2005-06, they won 20. Now, they have a chance to. Their next road win will tie that record.

Even their interim coach was incredulous when Rod Boone told him the Nets have never in franchise history had a winning record on the road.

"No, I don't believe that," he said. "I would respectfully question your guy's bookkeeping. That can't be right."

"That's very surprising to me," he said. "Wow."

The Nets are 19-15 and have seven away games left so the record seems like it's in jeopardy.

"We've got a ways to go to do that, but yeah, that would be a significant achievement," Carlesimo said. " . . . A lot of things people have talked about us doing, ending streaks and all that, that's the most significant. Twenty-one wins, for any team, that's a first step. Some teams go well beyond that, but when you get to 21 on the road, you've done a good job."

In addition to setting a record for road wins, the Nets' next win ensures the them the franchise's first winning record since 2005-06. In 2006-07, they made the playoffs with a 41-41 record.