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Win one for the Brooklyn kids, as MTV decides to broadcast this year's Video Music Awards at Barclays

Kevin Winter

Having broadcast the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles for the past 29 several years, this year, celebrating its 30th anniversary, the ceremony will move from the Staples Center to our beloved Barclays Center.

[Insert celebratory Nets GIF here!]

We did it, you guys. We landed the MTV Video Music Awards. And how exciting it is.

In celebration -- and promotion -- of the move, MTV launched a campaign Monday morning on its Twitter and its Instagram accounts, featuring the VMAs' iconic Moonman trophy making his way from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where last year's ceremony took place, to Barclays Center.

"Presenting the award for best kiss in a music video, please welcome to the stage Mr. Whammy and 2013 NBA All-Star, Brook Lopez."

I'm sold!


(Also: congrats to Callie for being named one of Time Magazine's Top 140 Twitter Feeds of 2013... Tony Allen is also on that list, so you know it's legit!)