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MarShon Brooks and Alyonka Larionov talks hoops, life, growth, love, SWAG

MarShon Brooks and Alyonka Larionov continue their on-screen magic in his "In Bounds" interview. From training camp on, the two have made for a winsome TV coupling and now with their one-on-one, it's reached new heights.

The best moment is when Alyonka says she doesn't understand the concept of "swag." After he and she fail to reach a mutual understanding of the term, Brooks gives a little shake of his head and says "I wouldn't expect you to understand."

Brooks also talks about growing from 5'10" to 6'4" in his junior year of high school, saying it was "weird;" how much a relief it was for him to be drafted in 2011; what it was like getting on the court with his boyhood idol, Kobe Bryant; and the purpose of trash talk.