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P.J. Carlesimo, Billy King get a bit feisty in talking about Mark Cuban comments

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Cuban seems to be selling sour grapes but the Nets front office isn't buying.

After Deron Williams' dominant performance against the Mavericks, it looked like Mark Cuban made two mistakes: not pushing harder for D-Will's services last year and then thanking his lucky stars that he didn't sign him. Cuban has been portraying himself as the only sane owner, being unwilling to pay out big bucks after years of profligacy. Of course, he won't make the playoffs this season and as of now, no one is suggesting that Dwight Howard is going to gobble up all that cap space he's saved.

Asked about Deron Williams’ decision to remain with the Nets instead of joining the Mavericks, Cuban didn't answer directly but said "I’m not talking about any one player, but that’s why we’re concerned in our approach. Because if you sign a max-out guy, you get to a point where you’re above that tax-plus four million, then you’re limited in sign-and-trades, you’re limited in your ability to use the exceptions, there’s all kinds of limitations."

Of course, you also get a pretty good player, as D-Will proved last night.

Billy King and P.J. Carlesimo were having none of it. On hearing Cuban's comments, King asked, "So we just should have let him go?" Carlesimo was less diplomatic. Of course, he could be. His team and his star just showed a national television audience the value of spending well.

Carlesimo said he didn’t know if Williams was a little extra motivated against the Mavs.

"But I’m sure he understands that you’re not going to expect intelligent statements from Mark, anyhow," Carlesimo said.