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Deron Williams doesn't expect to hear any 'cheers' tonight in Dallas

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Seeing as tonight's Nets-Mavericks game in Dallas is a homecoming for Deron Williams, he's expecting to hear fewer cheers tonight than usual. The reason? It's simple. Because he didn't sign with the Mavs this summer, instead he signed a lucrative extension to stay with the Nets.

From the Dallas Morning News:

"Yeah, I love this arena," Williams said before the Nets’ Wednesday morning shootaround at AAC. "I think it’s a shooter’s arena. The lighting is great. I think everything about this arena is great. I’ve enjoyed playing here."

Williams paused and smiled.

"I usually get cheers here," he said. "Now that’ll probably stop."

Now, you can boo Williams all you want, Mavs fans (for whatever reason), but the guy did take the 5-year $98-million deal over what Dallas reported offered: a 4-year $73-million deal. (David Aldridge has reported the Mavs didn't even bid that high, that they were offering $70 million!). Not sure anyone leaves at least $25 million on the table for a "hometown" discount.

Point is: don't hate the player, hate the CBA. Or, also, hate the player, if you must -- it's your right as a fan -- just make sure you hate the CBA as well.

Meanwhile, the Nets announced that Kris Humphries is a game-time decision. He is reportedly suffering a "tight back."