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Here it is, Nets fans: The Mr. Whammy interview you've been looking for

If you've ever attended a Nets game over the last 16 years, you're probably familiar with Bruce Reznick, aka Mr. Whammy, aka the "most popular Nets fan" -- not named Jay-Z, of course.

Well, our friends over at SNY Nets spent some time with Mr. Whammy and gave us a look into who/what he is. Hint: he's a very successful lawyer (still practicing, I might add) and indeed a huge Nets fan.

Whammy, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, and who currently calls Brooklyn home, was quite pleased, as you would imagine, when the team made the official move to the Barclays Center this season.

Ingenious move," he said, emphatically. "You have to give all of the top-echelon people major credit. They brought major sports back to Brooklyn." He also made sure to mention those who deserve the most credit for the move. "My admiration is for Mr. Ratner who started it, and Mr. Prokhorov, who finished it, from opposite ends of the world."

Although, despite the team moving into "his backyard," he hasn't been able to attend as many games as he would like to because of his thriving business, which is located in New Jersey.

A great get by the SNY Nets team, namely Derrell Johnson, and certainly worth the read.

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