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Does Anthony Morrow want back with the (Brooklyn) Nets?

Does Morrow want back with the Nets? Sure sounds like it.

Chris Chambers

Anthony Morrow was always enthused about the Nets move to Brooklyn. As it got close, he spoke about how he hoped to commit a lot of time to community events in the borough and thought things would get better for the team once they made the shift from Newark to Brooklyn.

Then, he was traded to Atlanta in the Joe Johnson deal. While the Hawks played closer to his home in Charlotte, he didn't get the opportunities and he got hurt, as he had during his time with the Nets. Last month, he was traded to the Mavericks and on the occasion of his first visit to Barclays Center, he seemed ready to ask Billy King for a job next season.

First there were the tweets...starting a month ago, while he was still in Atlanta, Morrow retweeted a number of Nets fans tweets wishing he was still with the Nets or would sign with them in the off-season. Then, on arrival at Barclays, he tweeted about how it was built for basketball and shooters. (Like Deron Williams, he had complained about sightlines at Prudential Center.)

Then, the pre-game interviews where he said all the right things, telling Tim Bontemps, "I think it’s unbelievable." He added, "It’s crazy … nothing else looks like this. You see all the screens and everything like that … I haven’t seen all the little clubs and everything, but this is crazy. It’s got a nice home feel to it. It fits right in with Brooklyn."

Ben Couch talked to him as well. "It's nice, man," he said. "I like how it has almost that Madison Square Garden feel, that dark in the background [while] the court is light ... I haven't heard one person say that it's overrated. It was everything it was advertised to be."

Bottom line for Morrow, ""It’s just a good feeling to feel wanted … I had that feeling here in Jersey." He's an unrestricted free agent this summer.