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The Brooklyn Nets are Bosnia's team


In Detroit Monday, about 50 Bosnian fans cheered every move Mirza Teletovic made and unlike the Nets last tour of the Motor City, he obliged by making all four of his shots. As Jake Appleman of the Times reported, "Mirza Teletovic (9 points, 6 rebounds) even delighted a loud corner of fans dressed in Bosnia regalia and waving Bosnian flags." The last time he played in Detroit, you may recall, he air-balled all three of his shots ... in 45 seconds.

Teletovic, star of the Bosnian National Team, spoke with fans after the game. They were thrilled to get some face time with the player known as the "King of Bosnia." Bosnia, in fact, is fast becoming a Nets bastion. NetsDaily gets several hundred hits a day from fans in the Balkan state, more than any other European country.

Eurobasket, the international hoops site, recently noted the tight relationship between the Nets and the war-torn nation ... and particularly the city of Mostar. Chris Mathieu of Eurobasket noted...

"When one thinks of the Brooklyn Nets they wouldnt think of Bosnia. They should however, since this small country located on the Balkan peninsula of Europe has been a pipeline of talent to the NBA team. This small Bosnian town, population estimates it to be 105,000 total (there hasnt been a census since 1991 because of the war). It is hard to imagine that such a small remote town in a tiny country in Europe could produce three NBA players for the team, yet they have."

Indeed, Teletovic, Zoran Planinic and Euro-Stash Bojan Bogdanovic were all born in Mostar, although Teletovic grew up in Jablonica, another Bosnian city. Planinic and Bogdanovic, who are of Croatian heritage, chose Croatian nationality in the aftermath of the Balkan War and have played for the Croatian National Team. Teletovic chose Bosnia. That doesn't mean the players aren't friends. Planinic took part in Teletovic's wedding when the two played in Spain. Beyond the three Mostar natives, the Nets have a fourth connection to Bosnia. Mile Ilic, who played for the Nets in 2006-07, was also born in Bosnia.