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Toko Shengelia, Tyshawn Taylor head to Springfield as Brooklyn Nets head out

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets flew to Detroit Sunday night to kick off their eight-game road trip, but two seats on the team's 737 were empty. Toko Shengelia and Tyshawn Taylor have been assigned to the Springfield Armor while the Nets are on the road. That means the two rookies will likely play six games in the D-League, their longest stay in Springfield.

As the news was announced, Taylor tweeted a promise...

Taylor is now the second highest scorer in the D-League with a 25.4 ppg average with Shengelia just behind him at 25.1. Both have had 30 point games with the Armor and Shengelia had a triple-double in his first game earlier this year. It's the fifth assignment for Shengelia, fourth for Taylor. That's in line with other teams who own or control their own D-League club.

In their most recent assignment, a one-game trip Friday night, they combined for 14 turnovers and the Armor lost. As the Springfield Republican noted, the pair only had a chance to join the team for a walkthrough practice before taking to the court Friday. It was also Shengelia's first minutes since he was last in an Armor uniform a week and a half ago.

Meanwhile, Taylor who helped lead Kansas to the NCAA championship game last season, talks to Josh Newman about his Jayhawks chances this year.