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Ilkan Karaman scoreless as Bojan Bogdanovic continues to sit

Ilkan Karaman via Facebook

No word on when Bojan Bogdanovic will be back from his mild achilles sprain, but Fenerbahce won again Sunday in the Turkish League preserving its slim lead in the standings. Bogdanovic was supposed to sit 10 days with injury. He's halfway through that now.

While Bogdanovic is having a great season in the Turkish and Euroleagues, the Nets' other Euro-Stash on the Fener roster, Ilkan Karaman is not playing well. Taken at #57 in last June's Draft, the 6'10" Karaman is hyper athletic and can shoot a bit from the outside. "He has a very unpolished game overall," writes an Istanbul-based observer. "His physical tools are there, but at the moment he is a blank sheet waiting to be written on." And he's 22.

Case in point: he went scoreless Sunday in Fener's 90-80 victory over Turk Telecom in seven minutes of play. His minutes have in fact gone down in recent weeks, breaking double figures only once since New Years in either league. Sunday, however, was his first scoreless game this year.