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NCAA Tournament: NetsDaily Reader Bracket

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the official NetsDaily NCAA Tournament Bracket challenge! Why a NetsDaily bracket challenge? Well, because there's nothing more exciting than finding out which one of us knows less about college basketball by winning a NCAA Tournament challenge!

Here are the basic details:

Sign up here - NetsDaily Tourney Challenge

Password - netincome

It's as simple as that. The one requirement, you follow NetsDaily on Twitter and you tweet at Tom Lorenzo your upset pick (because he's going to use it to beat you! OK, you don't have to do that second part, if you don't want to... but, you know, it would be helpful.)

What do you win?

Well, since we can't technically give anything away at the moment -- it's a complicated process to do so on short notice, with this technically being gambling, or something; look, we looked into it...

However, the winner will get a chance to write a featured piece that will sit in the lead position of our site for a day. It's winner's choice, you can use it trash talk the other players in the league -- respectfully, of course -- use it to make an appeal to unban one of your ND bros, or use it to make the case as to why Reggie Evans shouldn't start over Andray Blatche. As long as it meets the general appropriate posting criteria that we have on the site, we'll post it.

We'll also promote your Twitter account, if that's your thing. Oh, and of course there's bragging rights. We'll probably open up some Tourney threads too so you guys can talk NCAA Tourney and whatnot.

So, join in, won't you?