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Kris Humphries talks about life, but not Kim Kardashian ... or Maurice!

Kris Humphries doesn't talk about Kim Kardashian (or "Maurice!") in his "In Bounds" interview with Alyonka Larionov, but he hints at the effects on his life.

Asked about his values, Hump tells BCTV, "Not get caught up in the world. Because whether you're an NBA star or a regular person, working 9 to 5, there's a lot of things that can take you away from who you are."

And when she asks about his father, Kris admits things have affected their relationship. "We're close, we've been through some stuff, but he's my dad and we talk and we're getting back to where we once were. That was my best friend for a long time in my life but we went through some stuff but I think in every relationship, things aren't always great."

As for what he likes the most about basketball, Hump says its about competing. "I;m so competitive in life. whether in poker or whatever I'm doing. It's something like ... I have to win, I have to compete. Just being able to release that through my job and have fun, and all that, is a great thing."