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Andray Blatche: "I feel this is my new home"

Andray Blatche via Instagram

A day after Andray Blatche told Stefan Bondy that money is not the only object for him this summer, Blatche told Mike Mazzeo that he wants to stay in Brooklyn next year.

"Most definitely. I love it here," Blatche told ESPN New York on Saturday. "We've got a great team here, a great staff. The fans are crazy. I mean, everything about this organization is great, so hopefully I can come back.

"I feel like this is my new home, now, really. I feel comfortable with everything that's going on."

Blatche would make no guarantees about what he wants in terms of salary. The Nets can offer him one of two options: either a vets minimum plus 20 percent, or about $1.3 million over one year, or the mini-MLE over three years, which would give him a total of $10 million.

Even If he accepts the vets minimum, he'd still get nearly $9 million total next year, including his amnesty payment from the Wizards. If he waits a year until 2014, the Nets could offer him up to roughly $22 million over four years, using his Early Bird Rights. And if waits until 2015, when his amnesty money runs out, he can get whatever the market will bear from the Nets. He'd has full Bird Rights.

Does Blatche have an idea what he'd like? "When I become a free agent, I'm going to call (GM) Billy King and say, 'Billy, listen man, I need 100 million to keep me here,'" Blatche joked to Mazzeo. "But seriously, I'm going to call my agent and see what's best for me and my family."