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David Thorpe: Tyshawn Taylor ceiling "solid off-the-bench player"

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, David Thorpe, who ranks rookies for ESPN, looked at 21-year-olds in this year's rookie crop and thought Toko Shengelia looked like a good prospect, but it's hard to know since he only plays in blowouts.

This week, he looks at the older rooks, mostly those who played four years in college, and says nice things about Tyshawn Taylor, the Nets' rookie point guard. And like Shengelia, Thorpe believes Taylor needs more time with the Nets "or another team" if he's going to be productive. Still, he likes what he sees so far, calling him a "solid rotation prospect."

Taylor has close to elite-level quickness and a powerful body. That alone suggests good things about his upside. He's also tough-minded and full of basketball knowledge, having played for a coaching legend in high school (Bob Hurley) and a developing one in college (Bill Self).

If the Nets, or another team, can get Taylor to develop and trust a perimeter shot, his chances at being a solid off-the-bench player are high.

Taylor has played only 166 minutes with the Nets this season, with his most impressive game coming vs. Indiana a month ago when the Nets won with Deron WIlliams injured. Taylor, the Kansas product, scored 12 points on 5-of-9 shooting, handed out two assists, grabbed two boards and played good defense. Taylor averaged 26.5 points in four games for the Armor.