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Kris Humphries back in the rotation? Jerry Stackhouse too?


P.J. Carlesimo did more than hint about a change in the rotation at Thursday's practice. He said he plans on giving Kris Humphries more minutes "sooner rather than later," meaning that Mirza Teletovic, who didn't shoot well during his five games in the rotation, is likely to see fewer minutes. Carlesimo had faced pressure from both ownership and management to give Teletovic --and MarShon Brooks, who has played well lately-- more time on the court.

"I’m confident that if I get the minutes I’m still a double-double guy," Hump told Stefan Bondy.

Jerry Stackhouse, who's played in 71 playoff games -- nine more than Joe Johnson and 27 more than any other Net, is likely to get another shot after not playing since January 26. It would seem he will take minutes from Brooks. Carlesimo said last week that he had hoped to give Stack minutes as the team gets closer to the playoffs.

The idea didn't sit well with one NBA pundit. John Schuhmann tweeted of Carlesimo, "PJ cares not for spacing the floor," and agreed with a fan who asked if he'd like to see the Nets "move Bogans to SG, Joe to SF and start Wallace at PF?"

Meanwhile, Deron Williams talked about the possibility of a winning the Atlantic Division title. The Nets are a game and a half behind the injury-plagued Knicks. Fred Kerber reported that D-Will doesn't seem to backing down from the intra-city rivalry one bit, tweeting, "Deron Williams acknowledges importance of Atl division sez it would be big for Nets who have been like "JV" to Knicks in area." His coach was more diplomatic, wrote Kerber, "PJ Carlesimo also sed too early to really think too much about division despite #Knicks injuries and struggles.

Based on tweets from Fred Kerber, John Schuhmann, Stefan Bondy, Mike Mazzeo, Rod Boone and Alex Raskin