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Kris Humphries fraud claim gets big boost from producer's deposition


The central theme of Kris Humphries case against his estranged wife Kim Kardashian has always been that her show was not a reality show, but a scripted, heavily produced fraud (OMG NO!!). It only seems to be real (WHAT?!)

As a result, he claims his marriage was also a fraud (WOWIE WOW!!), driven by the Kardashians' desire for ever higher ratings (GASP!!) And so, he wants the marriage annulled since under California law, fraud is a grounds for annulment, not divorce. An annulment would also annul the couple's pre-nup (OH BOY!!)

Now, seven weeks before the case goes to trial in Los Angeles (CAN IT PLEASE BE TELEVISED!? PLEASE!?), there is evidence that backs up Humphries' basic claim of fraud (SHOCKING!). The executive producer of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" has admitted under oath that yeah, they have played fast and loose with the reality of the reality show. (WE'RE IN TEARS!!).

Life & Style Magazine (WHICH WE'VE ONLY SEEN IN DERMATOLOGISTS' OFFICES, WE SWEAR!!) has the worldwide, perhaps even intergalactic scoop. We'll let them tell it, reducing our culpability.

Kris Humphries has scored a huge victory in his fraud case against former wife Kim Kardashian.

Life & Style has exclusively obtained the court documents of Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer Russell Jay's deposition on Feb. 4. In the document, Jay admits that at least two scenes depicting Kris negatively were scripted, reshot or edited.

Kim would like to get the case concluded by the time her baby, by Jay-Z's pal Kanye West , is born in July. Otherwise, under California law, Hump would legally be the child's father. (YIKES!!) Anyone know where we can find extra exclamation marks?! We have run out!!