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P.J.Carlesimo: Looking for Jerry Stackhouse to contribute as Brooklyn Nets head to playoffs

Stackhouse hoping to make it another two years in the NBA.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Stackhouse spoke with Comcast Sports Net Philly on Monday and talked about a lot of things, including his time in Philadelphia, Allen Iverson, and his plans for a career in coaching ... or broadcasting.

He and P.J. Carlesimo also spoke about his role this season, as the Nets head toward the playoffs.

Carlesimo said that down the stretch and in the playoffs, Stackhouse has "the ability to contribute to us -- perhaps even more so later on, because of his experience." He admitted the 38-year-old needs to get in better basketball shape after his long layoff.

Stack said that he'd like to follow the Mark Jackson route to a head coaching job, via the broadcast booth, but he hinted that's not happening anytime soon. The 18-year veteran with the reputation as a locker room leader, told Gordon W. Jones, "I’m so close to 20 (years) right now," he said. "That’s a good, round number."