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David Thorpe: Need to see more of Toko Shengelia


David Thorpe, who ranks rookies for ESPN, doesn't put Toko Shengelia in his top 50. Tyshawn Taylor ranks 35th and Mirza Teletovic 49th in his current rankings. But this week he also ranks the top seven 21-year-olds in the rookie class. He puts the 6'9.5" Shengelia in a sub-category: "To Be Determined." Four players with potential who haven't been getting time or have other limitations make a separate list.

Of Toko, he writes, "He is slow-footed without the ball, but a little quicker with it because he has a little 'shake' to his dribble game. But we still can't tell what kind of player he can be in the NBA. He basically plays only in blowouts."

Shengelia, who got a lot of attention at the trade deadline, hasn't scored in an NBA game since January 11, hasn't played more than five minutes since January 8. During that same time frame, he's scored 139 points in five D-League games for a 27.2 point average, playing between 32 and 46 minutes per contest.

In other rookie news, the D-League has posted a video clip of Tyshawn Taylor's time in the D-League, borrowed from "The Association."