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Mikhail Prokhorov ideal owner, says P.J. Carlesimo; plugs contract extension

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets' Russian ownership will have to shell out $12.8 million in luxury taxes this season (and at least double that next season). It's part of a long-term commitment, one that P.J. Carlesimo appreciates. He's worked for another billionaire, Paul Allen had a reputation for meddling, something Carlesimo has said is not true about Prokhorov.

That doesn't mean ownership don't ask questions about the financial implications of certain moves or the wisdom of certain rotations. Trust us on that one.

"All the owners go 'We want to win a championship,' When you’ve got someone that’s committed to winning and is willing to spend funds to do it, give Billy (King) and Bobby (Marks) the resources, that’s fantastic," Carlesimo told beat writers before the Philly game.

He also put in a good word for himself getting a contract extension. "Giving a coach a long-term contract is more important," he joked. "but other than that . . . I think you've got an owner who's willing to spend money and not pay lip service."