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Billy King: I'd like to try politics once I'm done with baskeball


In an interview with Pacers broadcaster Mark Boyle, Billy King talks about his time in Indiana with Larry Brown and Donnie Walsh and what he likes and doesn't like about being a GM. The Duke grad also spoke about how he'd still like to get into politics as his next career. Boyle noted that at Duke, King's nickname was "the Senator" and at one point he was offered a chance to run for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania.

"I love politics. This morning I enjoyed watching 'Meet the Press' and to me that's as good as watching SportsCenter.

"I was approached to run for Senate. at the time, Senator [Jon] Corzine who was at the time the head of the Democratic Senate Campaign approached me to run against [Pennsylvania Senator] Arlen Spector. I thought about it. He met with me twice, tried to get me to do it. But I just felt that if I wanted to get into politics, I didn't want to go and 1) try to run the senate and 2) run against Arlen Spector as a first campaign."

Is he still interested? He's only 46. "Yeah, I would. I really would I think, that Once I'm done with basketball, it's something that I'd really like to do."

King, who was an assistant coach with the Pacers when Reggie Miller was battling the Knicks, talked about the biggest issue he faced when he was GM of the Sixers: the constant battling with Allen Iverson, and the difficulty of watching a game as a GM.

"My time in Philadelphia, I didn't like dealing with Allen. I loved Allen but didn't like the dealing with Allen that went on," he told Boyle before describing what it's like being a GM with a coaching background. "It's stress. You don't have control once the game starts. You're sitting there, coaching in your mind, and that's the hard part. You can put the players together but you don't get to go there and draw the play and anything like that."