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Is P.J. Carlesimo getting pressure to play Mirza Teletovic?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

P.J. Carlesimo says he will play Mirza Teletovic more in upcoming games to evaluate the 6'9" power forward before settling on a rotation. It's not the first time he's talked about it, in the past noting that he hasn't yet been able to fully evaluate Teletovic's game. But this time, it's more public.

So what's behind the change. Is it a difference between the coaching staff on one hand and ownership and management on the other?

In a word, yes.

Higher-ups in the organization believe in Teletovic’s game and European resume, so Carlesimo is getting pressure to give the Bosnian more minutes, according to multiple sources. Carlesimo has favored Reggie Evans, who is an efficient rebounder and tough defender with very limited offensive skills.

How that will play out in the remainder of the season remains uncertain, but he will get minutes. It may not be mandated, but it is suggested.