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Bondy: P.J. Carlesimo said he's going to make Mirza Teletovic a 'priority going forward'


And there you have it, Nets fans. Stefan Bondy, who caught the ire of some Nets fans on Wednesday night for, essentially, "not asking P.J. Carlesimo the right questions" in regard to Mirza Teletovic and his lack of playing time, did indeed take the time to speak to P.J. specifically about Mirza, asking him "all the Mirza questions... for you fans."

In this piece Bondy really does -- as he generally always does -- ask the right questions, getting down to it and finding out why it is that P.J. doesn't call Mirza's number despite the fact that he's "playing well." Point does also go to the fans who really did take an interest in wanting to know why P.J. wasn't giving Mirza a look.

The highlights:

There's much more to it, and I highly suggest you read it, but in essence P.J. said that he will evaluate Mirza (but probably not over the next two games) and make him a priority, which I imagine is good news for some of the fans out there.