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Breakdown: How much better is Brook Lopez against 'poor defensive teams' as opposed to 'good defensive teams'?

Once again, Coach Nick of BBALLBREAKDOWN has us covered with a fantastic breakdown of the league's top 15 scorers and how they fare against the NBA's top eight defensive teams and then how much better (or worse?) they are against the league's bottom eight defensive teams over the last three seasons.

One player he breaks down is Brook Lopez, who gets a 6.67% points-per-minute boost against the league's worst defensive teams and then sees his points-per-minute drop -5.00% against the team's top defensive teams. Meaning, well, he gets up against bad defenses and, as Coach Nick notes, good defenses make the proper adjustments against him, forcing him to take more long, flat-footed 15-footers.

Look, it's not as if Lopez is alone in seeing his numbers sway depending on how good or bad the defense he's playing against is. Jrue Holiday, Stephen Curry, Dwyane Wade and Kyrie Irving all join him in wearing that tag.

I really won't get in-depth here since Coach Nick has you covered on the deviatin' and stat statin'. But, yes, Lopez does need to make adjustments against better defenses, but that doesn't fall solely on him. The schemes and sets put in place -- and hopefully executed properly -- need to be adjusted as well. Also, of note, he's still just 24 years old and his offensive game is still developing. So, I think in time we'll see that "vs. good defenses" number improve.