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Reggie Evans reflects on his 11-year NBA career

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

For Reggie Evans its been a long and winding road, to say the least. He's played on six teams in his 11-year NBA career, and is now with, of course, the Brooklyn Nets as the team's starting power forward.

There's no question that Evans has had his ups and downs, and that he continues to spark a bit of a debate among Nets fans as to whether or not he should play as significant of a role as he currently does in P.J. Carlesimo's rotation.

One thing's for sure, though, there are few players in this league who hustle, intimidate and rebound as well as Evans does.

ESPN's Jared Zwerling took the time to sit down with Evans and reflect on his 11-year career, talking about his days in Seattle and bringing us forward, to the present day, as the Nets' starting power forward.

For all the slack he's gotten lately from certain Nets fans about his impact on this team -- whether it be warranted or not -- Evans continues to be motivated to help this team win a championship and do what he needs to do when his number is called. He's by no means a perfect player, but there are very few times, if any, where you can get on the guy for "not trying." No matter the situation.

Which leads me to my favorite quote from this piece:

When your career wraps up, how do you want to be remembered?

I only want to be remembered as a guy who just went hard, who respected the game, who respected his peers who was before his time and never took days off practice and games. And a guy who worked hard, and a guy who came in the league and carved his own lane to where a lot of coaches tell their players like, "Hey, we want you to play like Reggie Evans."

That's what Evans is all about; going hard. Most teams would be so lucky to have a guy like that.